If You’re Social Networking, You’re Sharing More Than Content

If You’re Social Networking, You’re Sharing More Than Content

  14 May 2019   ,


I am on Facebook and Twitter a lot these days and growing my audience on Women Of Green. What fun. We’ll be at 9,807 “likes” in no time. Our goal is 10,000+ by the end of the year. I know we’ll be there. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of growing an audience. But remember, when you put your information out there, it’s out there. You may have written the post, or taken the photograph, but your content is now public, and as Mitch Joel of Twist Image says, it’s “shareable forever”. There is no such thing as privacy if you’re online. (I learned that the hard way).

The Data Breach Scandal


Yes, I know, Facebook has its privacy settings but they can change at any time — and they have. The bottom line is if you are online, you’re public. And if you are public, you’re not private. That’s the truth of the matter. For more truths (brace yourself), Even Facebook is associated with data breach scandal. In that agencies detect a clear connection with Cambridge Analytica. It is a political analysis firm. Who has been responsible for collecting 87 million user personal information. With the help of Facebook developers tools.

These tools are open for everyone resulting in data breach. Cambridge Analytica use this data for their clients in many bad campaigns. After this incident every person using social media platforms is worried about security and privacy importantly on social media platforms. After this incident. Facebook has come forward with new features. By these thing they tried to established the trust factor again in user groups. Also to curb the controversy. “ Download data” is became a hit between users as it allow users to download their data like pics, videos, like, share, comment etc. Basically it helps you to recheck your social media activity. Once you download the data you can check that offline as well no need for a active internet connection.

What you need to always remember about the Internet.

Precaution is better than cure, As it helps you to enjoy freedom of social media with ensuring safety and security of your data that is personal details, and browsing history.

  • It’s a business. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. are not only social organizations or NGOs which created to help the better good. They are businesses and they are corporations. Their main focus is all the same. They are here to make money. In internet marketing era the biggest asset is your data which these companies sale to their big corporate clients.
  • Terms of service. While using any service in the end of form you simply tick on terms and services but before doing that you have to read that carefully. This habit can save you from being stolen. Before signing up to any service, you have to sign and agree to their terms of services. Simply put, this is a legal document created so that the company can’t be sue you for anything. It’s a document to protect the company (and in doing so, it does not provide that much protection to the consumer – that’s you and the brands you represent).
  • Your content is (probably) yours. While you retain the rights to the text, images, audio and video that you post online, always consider that the content is now public and shareable forever. So, do not post any content even on private option because as it is uploaded on social media server. All your data can be easily accessible to company even that can be sold to third party before you delete.
  • It’s all about Money. While there are many tactics to how online social networks can make money, there are really only two overall strategies. Strategy number one: they sell the value of the network (the size and reach) along with the personalized data (geographic, psychographic, etc) To advertisers who can then send those users more targeted messages. Strategy number two: they are looking to grow the company to the point where it becomes a valuable acquisition property, and then sell the company (and all of the data that comes with it) to another company.
  • It’s out of your hands. There are countless groups of people trying to fight everything I’ve Blogged about above. These people feel like they have rights to the data and information and should have choices in terms of what their data is being used for. In a perfect world, I’d love to agree, but if you go back to point number one above, this is about business.
  • There are no “copies”. Thinking about your pictures and videos in terms of someone else having a “copy” is a mistake. This is the same mistake that many traditional organizations have when looking at WikiLeaks. There are no copies. Your original data is given to various companies for their marketing use.
  • You can’t have privacy. If you want privacy in any digital channels (and this includes your own email!), you will not get as no body entertains you free. Same goes with social media they are providing you a platform but. Whatever you are sharing on that platform can be used by your company. As you are yourself giving them all details.

Final Words

Today social media is favourite as a community networking in every age group. People use them for having a conversation, to know other places, exploring different cultures etc. As social media facilitates these things but they also have some demerits, You need to take precautions while using or uploading your personal data like pics, celebration programs etc.

Even some social media platform track your buying behaviour by tracking your liked pages, pics you generally like or search for , These details help them to judge your area of interest and hobbies etc. To be on safe side always careful while uploading your picks post never upload any data. Which you never want to share with others keep that in your hard drive or any handy storage device. But never on social media.


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