How to Set Up and Optimize Your Google+ Business Profile

How to Set Up and Optimize Your Google+ Business Profile

Even though Google Plus is a somewhat new social network, many of the people using it are experienced, and likely have profiles on Facebook and Twitter already. Many businesses are also climbing aboard, and creating profiles too. Restaurants, clubs, Utah news websites and public figures are all creating profiles, hoping to interact and engage with their customers and fans.


Since Google+ is becoming increasingly tied with Google’s search engine, as witnessed with the company’s “Search Plus Your World” announcement, there’s a great deal of opportunity for local businesses to show up in organic search results based on the amount of engagement the brand has on the social network itself.

Here are some steps to take to create and optimize your Google+ public page.

  1. Create a personal page first. Google won’t allow a business to create a public page without first creating a personal one. You’ll need to create a gmail account as well.
  2. Now you can create a public page. You can find all the steps for initially setting up the page by clicking on this link.
  3. It’s important to optimize your public page for maximum SEO benefit. With that being said, create a title based on your business name or brand, and make sure not to try and stuff keywords into it. This looks unnatural, and your account may end up marked as spam when you leave comments on other profiles.
  4. Write an introduction to introduce your brand or company. This section can support paragraphs, bullet points, links and typefaces such as bold and italics. You’ll also want to incorporate keywords into this section.
  5. For the description which goes under your public page name, keep it under 85 characters, and include a few keywords. Weave in a clear call to action, and summarize your business effectively.
  6. Add the Google+ code to your website’s header. The code is standard, but incorporates your Google Plus ID number.   <link href=”” ” rel=”publisher” />
  7. Finally, add your favorite Google+ badge to your site. This will allow your visitors to discover your new public profile, and also give them a chance to circle you if they’re on the network too.

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Find similar companies and brands on the network, and add them to your circles. This is a great way to start networking on the site, and also gives your brand a chance to be circled in return. Also, let your customer base and fans on other social networks know that you have a new Google+ public profile, and encourage them to +1 your posts! Speaking of that, if you liked reading this post on creating and optimizing a Google+ public profile, click the +1 button to show your appreciation!

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